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This is all about the fun and crazy things we do!! Greg, Laura, Payton, Jantsen, Nicholas and Brooks Thorpe.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Adventures of April...

          In April, we went on a big hike for Spring Break, right in our own backyard!  Jantsen and his friends made their own hot tub...even though we already have one in the back yard.  Grandpa Thorpe played his new guitar and sang for us when we celebrated Grandpa's, Laura's and Savannah's birthdays.  Greg and Laura went to San Antonio for a long weekend break!  And Jantsen went to Preference and Prom with Jacqueline Bradford.  She answered him for Prom with an alarm under his bed at 4:30am.  It was awesome!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The month of March!

The month of March is always fun and goes quickly!  We spent 2 weekends in St George watching Jantsen play baseball with SHS.  The first was the Sunshine Tournament and the second was the Snow Canyon Tournament.  They played great, the weather was great and we all had a great time!
Easter fell in March this year and we got together with the Fauxes for dinner and the Thorpes for the egg roll...which Laura was the champion.  :)
Payton went to Mexico with a bunch of friends for the first part of his spring break.  We also purchased and are trying to master the selfie stick.